Please find the name of the property below for all the information that pertains to it. It is important to read the documents prior to applying.

Co-Op / Condo FAQs

If there is a no-pet policy in place for the property then you may NOT get a pet. For more information, please refer to the House Rules or contact us. Buildings that permit pets, make them subject to Board approval.

Residents may contact their local cable service provider in that area. Satellites are not permitted on any of our properties.

Yes. You must consult the individual House Rules for the property but, in general, you need to be living in the unit a certain amount of time before a sublet will be permitted.

Yes. Upon closing on the shares or condo property all applicants are required to pay a refundable move in deposit. The deposit amount is $500, with the exception of Manor House which is $1,000, the check is made payable to the cooperative corporation or condominium corporation. The deposit will be returned as long as no damage to the common areas of the building is noted and at least 80% of the flooring is carpeted.

Yes. A nonrefundable application fee of $400 made payable to Bell Realty is required for every sales application submitted. Our policy is one fee per application regardless of how many applicants are applying as owner of that unit. Two properties require a separate nonrefundable fee of $250 made payable to the cooperative corporation: (1) Manor House Owners Corp. and (2) 43-25 Douglaston Owners Corp.

If we have a unit available it will be listed on the “availability” page on our website. On that page will be the appropriate broker to contact to schedule a showing.

Go to the “application submission” page on the website. Be ready to supply the following:

  1. Two current paystubs
  2. Bank statements
  3. Prior 2 years of tax returns and W-2’s/1099’s
  4. Two personal references
  5. One Landlord reference
  6. Contract of sale
  7. Mortgage Commitment Letter

Not all properties have onsite parking spaces to rent. Go to the Contact Us Page, indicate you are a current resident, regarding “add me to the wait list for parking space”. A representative will respond and confirm if any parking exists on the site. You will be told if there is parking currently available for immediate occupancy or confirm that your name has been added to the wait list.

Go to the Contact Us Page, indicate you are a current shareholder/owner,  regarding “add me to the wait list for storage unit”.  A representative will respond and confirm if any storage units are currently available for immediate occupancy or confirm that they have added your name to the wait list.

To report a maintenance issue, please report it to the Superintendent of the building first. If the Superintendent is not responding timely or appropriately, please contact us either by phone or through our website via the Contact Us page.

If you require emergency service after hours, please call our 24-hour emergency response system. For fire, gas or natural disasters, dial 911 before calling us!

Within the resident information center click on the update contact information link.

Once complete, when an application is submitted it can take up to three weeks for a Board to review all of the documents, request follow up clarification, and then schedule an interview or in some cases deny prior to the interview process.

In a non-emergency situation, please allow 24 hours to hear from us during normal weekday business hours. If you have not heard from our office within that time frame, please contact us.

Yes! Bell Realty mails or emails maintenance (common charge) bills. If you do not receive, you are still obligated to pay. Sign in to the Resident Log In for your current balance. You may call the office to inquire as well. Late fees are not waived even if a statement is not received or if there is a delay in obtaining your current balance.

It is highly recommended that all shareholder/owners carry enough liability and property insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. Please consult with your insurance agent for specific details.

Keep in mind, a cooperative or condominium corporation insurance policy does not cover a shareholder/owner’s personal property.

All applications are submitted to a Board of Directors for review. When you submit a sales application you are allowing us to perform a background search. Boards look at the amount of debt you currently carry, your credit report, current income, and the balance of cash you will have left over after you close on the apartment sale. Boards are attempting to determine the likelihood of your paying the maintenance steadily and on time. Factors such as cash gifts and/or providing a guarantor are taken into consideration.

Examples of emergencies are active water leaks, flooding, sewer backups, sparks from electrical outlets, gas odors, fire, security issues, etc.

Questionnaires must be submitted in writing along with a nonrefundable fee of $100 payable to Bell Realty.

Bell Realty charges $150 for an Offering Plan. Check should be made payable to Bell Realty.

You will fill out a Renovation Agreement and have your contractor supply a detailed Scope of Work on their letterhead. Both you and the contractor will sign the agreement, including the Hold Harmless page. The contractor must be licensed and carry both Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance. Proof of insurance naming the coop/condo as well as Bell Realty as additional insureds is required. Contact the office on detailing needed on insurance certificates. In the event that walls are being removed, we must have a statement from a licensed architect or structural engineer indicating that you are not disturbing a weight bearing structure. All of these documents must be submitted for Board approval prior to any work commencing in the apartment. Most renovation packages take approximately ten business days to be reviewed and approved by a Board. If further clarification is required then that must be obtained and reviewed before a final decision is rendered.

First of all let’s review what is recyclable and what is not. This link will show you how to sort and bag your household items before bringing to the garbage room or compactor chute.

If your building has a garbage chute please be sure that you bag your items securely and firmly to prevent bags from opening up within the chute. This will help keep the building clean and pest free.

Mixed Paper – Must flatten and breakdown all cardboard boxes and bundle together with a string/rope.

For Metals, Rigid Plastic, Glass (Bottles and Jars Only) and Cartons – Empty and rinse containers before recycling. Caps & lids are ok. Put in clear bags, in any bin labeled METAL, GLASS, PLASTIC & CARTONS, or in any bin with blue decal.

Please see the Superintendent for:
• For items with CFCs (like air conditioners)
• For Mattress Disposal
• Electronics

In a multifamily building we all have to be tolerable of noise to a certain extent. If you find the noise to be fairly consistent and above the normal level acceptable in a multifamily building, the first thing we suggest is to have a cordial conversation with your neighbor to voice your concerns over the noise and how it’s affecting your living situation. Being polite will get you much further than being rude when it comes to noisiness. Offer up a solution rather than just telling them to stop making noise, and let them know your sleeping schedule so they can be mindful of when to keep it quiet.

If they do not tone it down and you are unsuccessful in working out a solution feel free to contact us in writing about the issue. Please note the dates, times and type of noise in your correspondence. You may use the Contact Us page on our website for noise issues.

Please be aware that typically management will have an inspection for carpeting in both your apartment and the apartment in question. Carpeting in both apartments is not only required under the lease but also is a great way to suppress noise and vibration.
More severe cases may require police intervention.

Shareholder/owners should report any running toilets, leaky faucets/valves, water damage, or leaks to the Superintendent immediately.

Shareholder/owners should report any other maintenance items that may be needed to the Superintendent. Depending on the issue, it may be the responsibility of the shareholder/owner.

As soon as the Superintendent has determined that there has been no damage caused during the moving process, a check may be issued to you.

All maintenance or common charges are due on the 1st of each month. Late fees are applied to all payments that are not received (usually by the 10th of the month but this can vary from property to property). Maintenance or common charges can be paid in the following ways:

  1. Mailed to the PO Box indicated on the bill or directly to our office.
  2. Paid online via the Resident Log In – This can be setup as a recurring monthly automatic payment.
  3. Shareholder/owners can sign up for ACH – This is an automatic withdrawal from a tenant’s bank account directly into the corporation’s account on the first of every month.

Go to the “availability” page on our website for our listings. Please keep in mind owners may have listed their apartments with a different broker and they would not be reflected on our website.

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