First of all let’s review what is recyclable and what is not.  This recycling document will show you how to sort and bag your household items before bringing to the garbage room or compactor chute.

If your building has a garbage chute please be sure that you bag your items securely and firmly to prevent bags from opening up within the chute.  This will help keep the building clean and pest free.


Mixed Paper – Must flatten and breakdown all cardboard boxes and bundle together with a string/rope.

For Metals, Rigid Plastic, Glass (Bottles and Jars Only) and Cartons  – Empty and rinse containers before recycling. Caps & lids are okay. Put in clear bags, in any bin labeled METAL, GLASS, PLASTIC & CARTONS, or in any bin with blue decal.

Please see the Superintendent for:

  • For items with CFCs like air conditioners
  • For Mattress Disposal
  • Electronics