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Resident FAQs

Yes, if a resident’s neglect causes the maintenance problem, you will be charged for it. Any damage a resident causes will be their financial responsibility.

If there is a no-pet policy in place for the property then you may NOT get a pet. For more information, please refer to your rental agreement or contact us.

Residents may contact their local cable service provider in that area. Satellites are not permitted on any of our properties.

No. Unless you receive written permission from Bell Realty prior to making a change, you may not alter the property in any way. If you desire to alter the property you should submit your request in writing, and wait until you receive written consent before making alterations, including painting. Please be aware upon vacating you may be responsible to restoring premise to its original condition (including paint colors, etc), please make sure to inquire about this.

No. The lease agreement clearly states that the resident shall not sublet any portion of the property or assign the agreement without written consent of the Landlord.

No. The landlord cannot evict you from the home unless you breach the lease agreement that you sign.

Please access your account through the Resident Login to check the status of your payments. Keep in mind that if our office is closed for a weekend or holiday, your check won’t be reflected until we are open again.

Go to the Contact Us Page, indicate you’re a current resident, regarding “add me to the wait list for parking space”.  A representative will respond and confirm if any are currently available for immediate occupancy or confirm that they have added you to the wait list.

Go to the Contact Us Page, indicate you’re a current resident, regarding “add me to the wait list for storage unit”.  A representative will respond and confirm if any are currently available for immediate occupancy or confirm that they have added you to the wait list.

To report a maintenance issue, please report it to the Superintendent of the building first.  If the Superintendent is not responding timely or appropriately, please contact us either by phone or through our website via the Contact Us page.

If you require emergency service after hours, please call our 24-hour emergency response system. For fire, gas or natural disasters, dial 911 before calling us!

Please use the Update Contact Information form to update your information.

At the end of the lease period or a lease renewal period, you may terminate the lease by giving Bell Realty a thirty-day written notice prior to the expiration.  For rent stabilized tenants this can be done by checking the box on your lease renewal offer and returning it timely.

You may use the Contact Us – Current Tenant Regarding Notice to Vacate.  Please be sure a representative from our office has responded to your email to confirm receipt.

In a non-emergency situation, please allow 24 hours to hear from us during normal weekday business hours. If you have not heard from our office within that time frame, please contact us.

This is done on a case by case basis and the Landlord is under no obligation to accommodate this request.  If you are interested in moving within the building or to another Bell Realty location, please send management a request in writing with the specifics including the size of apartment and location you desire.  We will see if we can accommodate your request.

Yes! Bell Realty as a courtesy mails or emails rent bills however is under no obligation to do so.  Check your lease for the amount owed or sign in to the Resident Login for current balance.  You may call the office to inquire as well.  Late fees are not waived even if a statement is not received or if there is a delay in obtaining your current balance.

Bell Realty does not accept month to month tenancy.  If a resident signs a lease they are obligating themselves to the full term on the lease.  Rent Stabilized Tenants that fail to send in a lease renewal will be charged the full legal rent of the apartment during their occupancy.  Free Market Tenants that fail to return a lease will be subject to a higher monthly rent.

Residents in good standing are sent an offer to renew (in a rent stabilized unit) 150 to 90 days prior to their expiration.  Free Market Apartments are typically sent a one year lease offer 150 to 30 days prior to their expiration.

It is highly recommended and required in your lease that all tenants carry enough insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. Please consult with your insurance agent for specific details.

Keep in mind, a Landlord’s insurance policy does not cover resident’s personal property.

You are responsible for maintaining CO2 and smoke detector batteries at all times.  This may mean changing them at least twice each year or more frequently as needed. Light bulbs that are easily accessible also need to be maintained by the residents.  Any air conditioner appliance in a through the wall sleeve or through the window is property of the tenant and needs to be maintained accordingly.  Tenants with Central AC units should check air filters and coordinate with the Superintendent for periodic replacement of filters.

Tenants are responsible for maintaining a clean apartment and should perform regular house-keeping including the cleaning of all kitchen appliances.  The apartment should be kept free of excess clutter.    Garbage and recyclables should be disposed of properly on a daily basis.

Tenants are responsible for keeping a bathroom floor free of water (use a bathroom mat).  Installing a shower curtain on the inside of the tub wall and closing the curtain all the way while in use can prevent many issues.

If taking a hot shower for an extended period of time, crack the bathroom window a little to allow some air into the bathroom and leave the bathroom door open after your shower to allow some humidity to escape.

Please refer to your individual residential lease for other items that may apply.

If your roommate (other resident of record) moves out, a written notice must be submitted to Bell Realty. Remember that residents are jointly and severally liable to ensure that the rent is paid. It is not the responsibility of Bell Realty to arbitrate or mediate problems between co-residents.  Security deposits are only returned (if applicable) upon vacancy and following proper procedures.

You should notify us in writing of your intent to move including the date you intend to move out.  You may use our Contact Us page for Current Tenant regarding “Notice to Vacate”.  We will make every effort to mitigate our potential rent loss by trying to rent the apartment as soon as possible.  You will be held responsible for paying the rent through the end of your lease term or until the apartment is rented (whichever occurs first). You will also be held responsible for any necessary leasing fees incurred by the property owner.

As far as receiving your security deposit back, by law, the answer is “No” in most cases.  In the event that the lease is being broken early within the initial term of the lease, then the security deposit is automatically forfeited.

In the event that the lease is being broken within a lease renewal period then Bell Realty will typically try to work with a tenant to refund a portion of the security deposit on a case by case basis assuming you have paid the rent through the end of your lease term or until the apartment is rented (whichever occurs first) and have reimbursed the Landlord any leasing fees incurred (if any) to rent the apartment. In addition, to qualify for refunding the security deposit the following conditions must be met:

  • The Resident is in good standing and owes no balance.
  • The Resident has provided written notice at least 30 days in advance expressing a desire to vacate the unit providing a specific leave date and a forwarding address. You may use our Contact Us page for Current Tenant regarding “Notice to Vacate”.
  • Resident will provide reasonable access to the unit to a broker designated by Bell Realty, if requested, to show prospective future tenants. Residents should not attempt to rent the apartment on their own or attempt to sublease the apartment.  Applications through third parties will not be considered.
  • Apartments are not considered fully vacated until the keys are returned to the Superintendent or Bell Realty and the apartment is left in broom clean condition. This should occur prior to the end of the month. Keep in mind that most leases are signed on the 1st or the 15th of the month, the more time you provide the Landlord to rent an apartment the more likely you would be to receive a portion of the security deposit back.
  • All move-out procedures should be properly followed and remember, an apartment is expected to be returned to the Landlord in the same condition as it was given, minus normal wear and tear.

Upon vacating:

  • The resident should leave the apartment in a broom clean condition, removing all personal belongings and trash from the apartment, and making any minor repairs if needed. Please be sure to empty out all cabinets and closets.  Please clean stove and empty and clean refrigerator/freezer.
  • If the apartment was painted by the tenant, then the resident should restore it to the original colors.
  • If you are moving out from a building with an elevator, protective elevator pads must be put up prior to the start of your move. Alert the Superintendent three to five days in advance so that he can take care of this for you.
  • If you are using a professional moving company we must obtain a copy of their Certificate of Liability and Worker’s Compensation. Have the company contact Bell Realty directly and we will advise them as to the proper language to put on the certificates.
  • A move out of the building should take place during normal business hours (9am to 5pm).
  • If you are discarding personal belongings during the course of the move, you should make arrangements with the Superintendent seven to ten days in advance for any bulk items (non-recyclable items larger than 4×3 feet in size, i.e. sofas and wooden furniture) to be removed from the building. Arrange with the Superintendent on when and where to place these items so that we can arrange with pick up from DSNY.  Bulk items per DSNY regulations can not be too heavy, meaning two men need to be able to pick it up to discard.  Bell Realty will accommodate the discarding of two bulk items during a move out process but more than that, tenants may have to arrange for a private carting service. Please be respectful of the building, other tenants and the Superintendent when discarding belonging. Do not just dump all your discarded personal items for the Superintendent to clean up!  Please be respectful! 
  • Be sure to give the apartment, building and mailbox keys to the Superintendent after you have moved out which signals that the apartment has been officially vacated. Also if applicable give the Superintendent your garage clicker and laundry card.
  • No damage should be noted to the structure of building, public areas both interior and exterior including the elevator (if applicable) after the move has been completed or the security deposit, or a portion thereof, will be forfeited.

It is recommended and is a good practice to email us immediately after your move out to let us know you returned the keys and have officially vacated.

Examples of emergencies are active water leaks, flooding, sewer backups, sparks from electrical outlets, gas odors, fire, security issues, etc…

First of all let’s review what is recyclable and what is not.  This recycling document will show you how to sort and bag your household items before bringing to the garbage room or compactor chute.

If your building has a garbage chute please be sure that you bag your items securely and firmly to prevent bags from opening up within the chute.  This will help keep the building clean and pest free.


Mixed Paper – Must flatten and breakdown all cardboard boxes and bundle together with a string/rope.

For Metals, Rigid Plastic, Glass (Bottles and Jars Only) and Cartons  – Empty and rinse containers before recycling. Caps & lids are okay. Put in clear bags, in any bin labeled METAL, GLASS, PLASTIC & CARTONS, or in any bin with blue decal.

Please see the Superintendent for:

  • For items with CFCs like air conditioners
  • For Mattress Disposal
  • Electronics

In a multifamily building we all have to be tolerable of noise to a certain extent.  If you find the noise to be fairly consistent and above the normal level acceptable in a multifamily building, the first thing we suggest is to have a cordial conversation with your neighbor to voice your concerns over the noise and how it’s affecting your living situation. Being polite will get you much further than being rude when it comes to noisiness. Offer up a solution rather than just telling them to stop making noise, and let them know your sleeping schedule so they can be mindful of when to keep it quiet.

If they don’t tone it down and you are unsuccessful in working out a solution feel free to contact us in writing about the issue.  Please note the dates, times and type of noise in your correspondence.  You may use the Contact Us page on our website for noise issues.

Please be aware that typically management will have an inspection for carpeting in both your apartment and the apartment in question.  Carpeting in both apartments is not only required under the lease but also is a great source of suppressing noise vibration.

More severe cases may require police intervention.

Residents should report any running toilets, leaky faucets/valves, water damage, or leaks to the Superintendent immediately. Residents should report any other maintenance items that may be needed to the Superintendent.

Within 3 weeks after you vacate the premises, you will be provided a refund of your security deposit if applicable.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Late fees are applied to all payments that are not received by the 9th.  Rent can be paid in the following ways:

  1. Rent can be mailed to the PO Box indicated on the bill or directly to our office.
  2. Rent can be paid online via the Resident Login – This can be setup as a recurring monthly automatic payment.
  3. Residents can sign up for ACH – This is an automatic withdrawal from a resident’s bank account directly into the Landlord’s account on the first of every month.

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